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Online Bachelor's Degree

Study with us.

  • Online flexibility to fit your needs, our faculty and staff will be there to coach you every step of the way
  • Faculty have substantial ministry experience and excellent scholarly credentials, 撰写了许多在康考迪亚大学系统和LCMS中使用的教科书
  • Concordia University Irvine 拥有康考迪亚大学系统中最大的神学院
  • Opportunity 等待着你,与实际应用在教育,领导和咨询
  • Open forum to connect with other students, church workers, and professors


完成该课程的学生将获得基督教教育领导文学学士学位. 开始攻读学位有时看起来很复杂,但我们的工作人员会帮助你变得更容易. 无论是经济援助还是申请建议,我们都在这里提供帮助. Students without a prior bachelor's degree will need to complete general education and elective requirements to complete their degree. 现有学士学位的学生将获得基督教教育领导(CEL)的第二个学士学位,作为该计划的一部分.


基督学院为那些需要在LCMS的职业生涯中作为DCE进步的人提供在线基督教教育主任认证. After finishing the coursework for your CEL degree, 你将完成在lms教会的实习,才有资格被呼召为DCE.

Study from anywhere

CEL与DCE项目让您可以选择在您居住的任何地方学习, and accommodate your schedule around extracurricular activities, such as family and work. 定期安排课程可以让你与教授和课程工作保持联系. 我们提供课程表、虚拟讲座和一个更大的网络来与其他学生联系.

学生将被要求在夏季完成为期两周的在校实习, one of which will be associated with CED 450 Counseling in Ministry. 这是体验奥兰治县阳光海岸的绝佳机会, network with like-minded students and meet your Professors.

Apply Now.

  1. Complete the Online Application or download the Paper Application.
  2. Send official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
  3. Complete the following forms:
  4. Two references are needed for application to this program. One will be from an LCMS Professional Church Worker, the other will be a Personal Reference. 请要求您的推荐人填写适当的表格,并将其寄回以下地址.
  5. Send all forms and requested items to:
    Graduate Studies in Theology
    Concordia University
    1530 Concordia West
    Irvine, CA 92612-3203
    Phone and Fax: (949) 214-3389

Admissions Eligibility


  1. 已经拥有学士学位或符合康考迪亚大学欧文分校的要求,进入OBD项目
  2. 在教会或与教会相关的环境中担任相关的事工职位

If you do not already have a bachelor’s degree, 进入康考迪亚大学欧文分校在线学士学位课程有三种资格选择:

  • Option 1: Associate Degree, IGETC, or CSU certification
  • Option 2: You have 45 transferable credits or more and are able to take general education classes concurrently with your major.
  • 如果你有0-44个单元,你就有资格成为候选人,可以开始学习了 GE courses. 一旦总共获得45个学分,你就可以开始同时选修课程.
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